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A partner for your industry transformation process

Digital solutions for financial services

Advanced solutions for banks and insurers. Custom-made software for innovative financial services.

We understand FINANCIAL industry lingo

The use of technology to increase your competitiveness, productivity and recognisability of products is self-evident. Assistance also provided by external technical experts, developers and project managers. We also include experienced fintech experts who know the particularities of your language, procedures and current trends for the quick and accurate realisation of your projects.

Software solutions for banks and insurers

Innovative solutions and digital transformation

Our advanced solutions help you mitigate business risks, automate processes and ensure legal (regulatory) compliance. We prevent and predict fraud possibilities and ensure information security. We facilitate the integration of other service providers and the utilisation of large amounts of your data for better customer experience. Even if you are a payment service provider, brokerage firm, stock exchange or fintech firm, our solutions ensure services are provided with high added-value.

We are building a modern digital infrastructure.

Competencies and technological capacities for financial services

Create new, flexible software that can provide new functions quicker and meet the expectations of your customers. Set up critical elements of your systems in a secure business cloud and archive old data in contemporary data warehouses. Check your new concepts and innovative solutions in a controlled environment. Use your data for analysis and for flexible business reports and with the help of artificial intelligence recognise the opportunities that give you a competitive edge.

Our finance and banking solutions


We link third-party payment services with your solutions. We create custom-tailored APIs.

Loan management

Lower risks by using data analysis. Automation of loan issuance. Lower lending process costs.


Secure digitalisation of customer services. Remote identification, authorisation, management of digital identities and storage.

Mobile banking

User experience digitalisation and simplified financial operations.

Risk management

Solutions for the management of financial and regulatory risks.

Process robotisation

Automation of processes and communication.

Analytics and reporting

User-adjustable, modern visualised reports and forecasts.


Interfaces for banking applications and web platforms. Digital motivation of customers.

Technology for providers of financial services

Reliable digital basis for your rapid development

We partner with many high-profile global technology providers. We also carry out the most ambitious IT projects in the financial industry. Our team of fintech professionals, programmers, project managers, data experts, UX and DevOps experts cover the following areas: modern analytics, block-chain technology, process robotisation, development of microservices and utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Top-notch senior management and employees.


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