Digital trust services

User identity. No fraud.

Advanced solutions to identify your customer through the use of video calls.

Legal compliance.

Cash operations require security and identification according to the highest standards and regulations. Security solutions and the user identification process that we represent and implement completely comply with the eIDAS Directive.

Secure management of identities

Digital identity

By using the solution that we represent, implement and integrate into your information infrastructure you will gain a secure platform to manage the digital identities of your customers. The possibility of the modern analysis of identities, as well as a smooth user experience for your customer, have also been supported.

Secure storage

Security and integrity

Privacy and data integrity are exceptionally important factors in financial transactions. The challenge is resolved by SecureStream, which supports the locking of transactions through electronic signatures, regardless of whether this involves data or video content.  The SecureDrive cloud solution provides you with complete security and confidentiality for e-storage and exchange of information via the internet while strictly adhering to regulations, such as the GDPR.

Digital revolution of business

We provide you with solutions created by Infocert, i.e. the largest European provider of digital identity solutions. We implement it all, from the identification of new customers to secure storage in the cloud. All solutions completely comply with European regulations.

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