Internet and technology

From IoT sensors to mobile apps.

We have solutions for your IoT project, data warehouse, web or mobile app.

ADAPTING, INTEGRATING AND DEVELOPING towards your business success.

The competitiveness of production and operations also depends on taking advantage of the strengths provided by IoT platforms, big data, artificial intelligence and the elegant web and mobile user interfaces.


Engineering of advanced information projects.

Implementation of contemporary projects that integrate everything from IoT sensors, infrastructures and cloud services to web and mobile apps. We ourselves can offer most of these services and the knowledge for work with the required dedicated platforms. Where special knowledge and skills are required, we link up with the best partners and include them in the project, according to our own assessment and at our own risk.


Develop and work in our cloud.

Are you one of those people who likes to produce specific apps yourself? For the application of modern development or production environments and for the reliable and secure operation of your solutions we offer SaaS application services. You will save on hardware and software, and you can also simply entrust us with the maintenance of the production environment. This way you simultaneously reduce investments and gain a reliable and secure service.

The range of services and products we offer

Internet of things – IoT

We offer a contemporary platform in the cloud to connect and manage IoT sensors. A data warehouse for large amounts of data and AI for advanced processing.

Development of digital products

We have a number of competencies that focus on system integrations and development of various solutions. Consult us if you require a new web or mobile solution, wish to update outdated apps, and so on.


New data sources require more advanced approaches to the organisation of data centers. We set up scalable solutions for structured, non-structured and semi-structured data sources.

Application environments

We provide reliable and secure SaaS solutions for organisations that develop their own applications and for anyone who requires the infrastructure to run apps over the internet. An experienced ASP that you can trust.

Always on-line

Connecting devices and people for you

If you connect the data of IoT sensors with your business system or if you require a flexible data center we are the right choice for the job. We will also help you develop your new applications and provide you with the infrastructure on which your own and licensed apps will run securely and reliably.

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