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Operations and personnel (HR)

Digitalised business processes.

Our products, experience, knowledge and ability to adapt enable you to have a smoother transition to contemporary digital business. From employment (recruitment), digitalisation of business processes to payroll systems and business reports.

Our solutions working towards your goals. TOGETHER.

Setting up information systems to support operations is often a complex and high-cost task. That is why we have selected flexible platforms that easily connect to your existing systems, thereby reducing the scope of your project, as well as bringing down costs.

Project implementation

From plan to maintenance

Our expert teams ensure that the introduction of a new system does not give rise to any stress or risks. We take care of it all, i.e. from planning, project implementation, system setup, to adjustments and integrations. Together we verify the compliance of the implemented project with the goals you have outlined for yourself. If you wish we can also maintain and regularly adjust or upgrade your new system.

We are good listeners

We help you accomplish your goals

The establishment of a custom-made information platform can only be entrusted to someone who takes the time to become completely in tune with your company’s needs. You need people who know how to communicate with you in human language and not in software code. You are looking for a creative team of bright individuals who are able to adapt when needed to do so. You want a service provider who does not look for excuses but rather double-checks everything before production. You have found the right firm. Here. Our firm. For you.

Our solutions that focus on business operations and personnel

Fledge Outsourcing

Comprehensive outsourcing of the HR function. All administrative tasks, the implementation of your HR strategy and complete payroll system service. Affordable and professional.

Human resources

A contemporary HR system or cloud HRM. It runs on all devices. Popular among employees, in the HR department and among senior management members. Flexible and legally compliant.

Digital identity

User identification, a certificate, use of OTPs and one-time SMSs for the authorisation of transactions, and electronic signatures. All eIDAS-compliant, all-in-one package.

Management of business processes

By using advanced BPM platforms we digitalise, standardise, centralise and automate business processes Optimisation of procedures. Integration with data sources and existing systems.

Payroll system

The OPLA package is a comprehensive payroll system service that complies with the law. Simple, discrete and professional. Experience and observing the particularities of various commercial disciplines.

Analytics & data science

Contemporary BI solutions for personally-tailored analyses of your business data. Combining data from various sources. We support realistic business forecasts and decisions on the basis of objective information.

Plan – realisation – report

The cloud computing system simplifies the business planning and revenues. The system itself takes care of the drafting of reports aided by AI. A reliable SAP system at a surprisingly affordable price.

Digitalisation of operations

Flexible business systems

By using our products customers gain a simpler, quicker and more affordable approach to project realisation. Selected platforms with their flexibility and connectivity constitute the best possible decision en route to achieving your business objectives.

Get to know our solutions that support your business operations

Digital identity, business processes and personnel.


Obvestilo o ponovni dostopnosti storitev

Vse uporabnike storitev v računalniškem oblaku obveščamo, da se vsi sistemi ponovno normalno odzivajo. Po doslej zbranih informacijah je ob izvajanju gradbenih del prišlo do prekinitve linije, na kar je programska oprema za upravljanje z diskovnim poljem odreagirala napačno. S pomočjo proizvajalca diskovnega sistema smo uspeli sanirati problem okrog 11h dopoldne. Zaradi velikega števila strežnikov, ki se nahajajo v računalniškem oblaku je ponovna vzpostavitev v polno funkcionalno stanje trajala okrog 50 minut.

Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke zaradi boljše uporabniške izkušnje. Z uporabo naše spletne strani potrjujete, da se z njihovo uporabo strinjate.