Payroll system

The OPLA payroll system is comprehensive service

A discreet and flexible service. Completely complies with Slovenian laws.

From the collection of data to the submission of payslips

Our OPLA payroll system service has been providing a large number of companies with a simple and affordable service over the past 25 years that ensures that payslips are always prepared on time and in accordance with their remuneration system. Our service adapts to practically all sectors and their specific requirements, continuously complying with the regulations governing the payment of wages.


A more affordable, reliable and secure manner for the payment of wages

Our OPLA service provides your payroll system with many advantages. The first and most obvious advantage is, of course, saving time on work, as after you have sent all the parameters required for payroll accounting your work is complete. The second important advantage is the reliability of our service, i.e. we never miss the agreed deadline for the account. The third characteristic, which is also extremely important, is the confidentiality of the wages and an assurance of compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.


Wages are accounted for according to your own rules

No remuneration system presents an obstacle for our OPLA service if it complies with the law. Wages are calculated as provided for by your internal agreements. We also account for other income arising from work contracts or copyright agreements. We also submit all types of reports in the agreed form. Conventional payslips in envelopes can be safely replaced with their digital versions.

A contemporary and simple payroll system

We prepare payslips from the data you provide

Our OPLA service with its 25-year long tradition is one of the most reliable, secure and comprehensive services that focuses on payroll systems. Since we are a company that provides services and systems relating to information technology, our partners often also decide on integrations or the implementation of interconnected solutions, such as the HRM system or the system for planning and reporting.

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