Development of applications and websites

Contemporary applications and online portals

Tailor-made apps, online and intranet portals.

Contemporary and user-friendly dedicated solutions

Despite the vast range of products and services on the market, sometimes it is difficult to find a solution that would completely meet your needs. In this case, apps and dedicated websites need to be tailor-made. Let us ensure the rational and rapid development of solutions that leads to the best possible user experience.

Creation of online and intranet portals

Dedicated websites must meet a number of requirements. In addition to providing basic functions, we also expect modern design, adjustments for mobile devices, high responsiveness, security, simple searches, integrations, etc. We develop solutions for you on platforms and with the components that meet all your expectations. We create portals that provide services for many simultaneous users. We have cooperated in the creation of portals, such as the e-JN (electronic public procurement) and eUprava (electronic government) portals. When you are looking for more than just a website, we are your ideal partner.

Contemporary tailor-made apps

Users expect apps and online services that are known for their simple use and software logic, which is intended to intelligently detect and solve an individual’s specific needs. We help you create online and mobile applications. Systems that intertwine in the background are linked with API interfaces. For large amounts of data, we activate and adapt advanced analytical tools and artificial intelligence. We work with you through all the phases of developing modern apps, i.e. from back-office integrations and data processing to the finished product for the user.

From APIs to a portal
for mass use

Use our solutions to develop your new applications and online solutions. We have experienced and highly-qualified employees that know how to complete even the most complex tasks. Our knowledge can assist you in integrating the most state-of-the-art and innovative technologies already in the planning phase.

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