Management of documentation

Solutions for document operations

From the basic recording of postal items to complex document procedures.

Digitalisation of document operations

Document operations in digital form are beneficial to almost any organisation. Transition from paper to electronic (paperless) documentation simplifies document searches, the use of forms, the exchange of data between employees, and so on. Public sector organisations must comply with the law in that regard.

Solutions for the digitalisation of document operations

Our SRC Origami online platform ensures the digitalisation of document operations in different organisations. A flexible system structure is efficient and user-friendly. SRC Origami can be used in a local network, or in a private or hybrid cloud. It completely complies with regulations and has been certified by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. Simplified versions are also available. We use various additional tools to facilitate migration processes and integrations with your existing data sources or the inclusion of OCR systems, e-storage systems, etc.

Adjusting systems to your needs

We have a wealth of experience in managing electronic documentation. We understand the requirements and expectations of each industry and organisation. We automate document operations to the highest extent possible and, where needed, integrate them into business systems, accounting, HR and other applications. We facilitate the exchange of data and content with your existing systems via standard API system interfaces. For optimal use we offer users induction and support services. We also offer the required hardware and any additional software you may need.

Several hundred million documents have gone through our systems. We create solutions that work.
For a protracted period and run smoothly.

The document system is your business advantage

Digitalisation of document operations through the use of the SRC Origami platform is based on the idea of streamlining operations and goes far beyond mere legal compliance. Our common objective is the elimination of routine work tasks, intelligent automated connection, arrangement of documents, and reducing the time required to locate documents to a negligible minimum.

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