Big Celebration in Honour of SRC’s 30th Birthday

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Big Celebration in Honour of SRC’s 30th Birthday
18. 5. 2017 SRC

The time has come for SRC to blow one more candle on its birthday cake. Did you know that we are only 11 years younger than Apple and 12 years younger than Microsoft?

The company’s beginnings date back to Monday, 23 February 1987, the day we ran what was then considered to be a high performance computer, namely the huge IBM host computer, which served us well until the end of the previous millennium.

And since nice things are even better when shared, we were only too happy to organise a big party, i.e. an informal festival, on 12 May, and proudly made a toast to our company. We were joined in the celebration by our business partners, the wonderful Aorta band, a magician and a fortune-teller.

As befits the youthful 30-year-olds, the super-relaxed gathering lasted well into the night or, rather, all until the morning. Some photos of the event can be viewed on SRC’s FB profile.