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Business solutions

Tailor-made software solutions

Your business solutions must be closely and seamlessly integrated into your existing information system.

FLEXIBLE solutions for quick implementation.

Projects that attempt to create a new solution in contemporary information infrastructure from start to finish are unlikely to succeed. That is why our business solutions are prepared in the form of parametrised systems that facilitate quick integration with your existing systems and applications.

Generic business solutions

Apps and systems for all organisations

Certain solutions are suitable for any industry and any area of work. By supporting business planning processes, we resolve complications and faults that arise annually in large companies after exchanging and updating partial Excel tables. Though our modern cloud-based HR system we also resolve the issue of competences and development of personnel and all vital administrative tasks of the HR department. We digitalise your documentation, support and automate all the processes for the creation, certification and exchange of documents. We also provide payroll system calculations on your behalf in a discreet manner in line with the Slovenian laws.

Dedicated solutions

Tailored apps and systems

Certain industries require such specific solutions to support their work that adjustments and upgrades to their apps or systems cannot be avoided. Despite this, we can effectively simplify the development processes in these cases. If, for example, you are looking for a solution to digitalise the credit process as a provider of financial services we already have a suitable solution for you. Of course, part of the process and parameters have to be adjusted to your expectations, requirements and internal rules. We also have to establish links to your existing sources and applications. Such type of solutions therefore generally leads to the realisation of a minor, short and manageable project.

Get to know our business solutions.

Finances and banking

We digitalise and automate financial business processes, reducing risks and the costs of credit procedures, and ensure security.

Digitalisation of documentation

With our own platform to control document processes, cloud services and premier partners we provide a reliable and flexible solution.

Personnel - HR system

A cloud-based HRM is a contemporary HR system. It operates on all devices. It is popular among employees, in the HR department and in senior management. It is flexible and legally compliant.

Payroll system

The OPLA package is a comprehensive payroll service that complies with the law. Simple, discrete and professional. Our vast experience and observation of the particularities of various economic disciplines.

Business planning

The cloud computing system simplifies the planning of transactions and revenues. The system itself takes care of the drafting of reports, aided by AI. A reliable SAP system at a surprisingly affordable price.

Applications and portals

If you cannot find a suitable web or mobile app, our team will be happy to assist you and create a new application from the existing component. We also create a portal on contemporary platforms.

We understand and observe
your requests and requirements.

We deliver, adapt and integrate most business solutions according to your wishes in the form of an application for your own information infrastructure or in the form of solutions in our secure business cloud. We manage various contemporary technologies and standard integration mechanisms, and ensure that your project is implemented in a rational manner and in full.

You want more state-of-the-art information equipment and the best software solutions for your business?


Obvestilo o ponovni dostopnosti storitev

Vse uporabnike storitev v računalniškem oblaku obveščamo, da se vsi sistemi ponovno normalno odzivajo. Po doslej zbranih informacijah je ob izvajanju gradbenih del prišlo do prekinitve linije, na kar je programska oprema za upravljanje z diskovnim poljem odreagirala napačno. S pomočjo proizvajalca diskovnega sistema smo uspeli sanirati problem okrog 11h dopoldne. Zaradi velikega števila strežnikov, ki se nahajajo v računalniškem oblaku je ponovna vzpostavitev v polno funkcionalno stanje trajala okrog 50 minut.

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