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Application platforms

A platform for the development of applications

Are you developing your applications and software solutions? Do you have an external partner who implements your development projects but lacks a suitable platform? We provide a quick, simple, comprehensive and contemporary cloud service.


Suppose you are creating solutions for other companies or general market applications. In that case, you recognize just how senseless and unnecessary the time spent and energy for tasks that could be automated are. You also realize how complicated the integration of code fragments into a new version can become if only one of the programmers loses focus during their work or makes a mistake.


Suppose you are developing products for end customers and business partners. In that case, you can count on us for the comprehensive automation of the integration and testing of the new code and full support for the DevOps approach in the supply and distribution process of each new version. Our platform facilitates the automation and orchestration of these developmental phases.

What do we do?


Our cloud solution offers you automation of all time-consuming and risky procedures, from depositing your code into the repository, quality testing, and detection of vulnerabilities to testing and updates.


Using DevOps approaches and tools that support automation and communication, your agile development will rely on more detailed and better product management, development and operations integration.


In terms of infrastructure and cloud solutions, orchestration helps you with the distribution of patches and upgrades being carried out at ideal times and by considering a suitable distribution strategy.

To that end, we address the technological and procedural aspects of development and the entire life cycle of application solutions. The service of setting up such a concept takes into account the horizontal components of existing information systems that enable the substantive goals to be achieved quicker.

Next-generation development environment

Suppose you are seeking a development platform that complies with the CI/CD method of automating the development process and the DevOps approach to creating and distributing your solutions. In that case, we are the right partner for you.

Continuous development

The need for continuous development is characteristic of solutions, services, applications and digitalized business processes in a public, private or hybrid cloud. In our desire to offer you a truly comprehensive platform, we also provide you with the following:

Ideal platform for the development of cloud applications

Suppose you are developing cloud solutions and applications or have a business partner doing that for you. In that case, the decision to use our platform is logical, as it provides you with a number of advantages.

Quicker development and improved testing of products.

Support for the most state-of-the-art agile development methods – DevOps.

Tools used to shorten development cycles – Kubernetes, microservices additionally.

Distribution at the right time in the right place – orchestration.

High security in using finished products - regular testing.

Lower costs – automation of processes eliminates numerous lengthy tasks.

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Obvestilo o ponovni dostopnosti storitev

Vse uporabnike storitev v računalniškem oblaku obveščamo, da se vsi sistemi ponovno normalno odzivajo. Po doslej zbranih informacijah je ob izvajanju gradbenih del prišlo do prekinitve linije, na kar je programska oprema za upravljanje z diskovnim poljem odreagirala napačno. S pomočjo proizvajalca diskovnega sistema smo uspeli sanirati problem okrog 11h dopoldne. Zaradi velikega števila strežnikov, ki se nahajajo v računalniškem oblaku je ponovna vzpostavitev v polno funkcionalno stanje trajala okrog 50 minut.

Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke zaradi boljše uporabniške izkušnje. Z uporabo naše spletne strani potrjujete, da se z njihovo uporabo strinjate.