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In the heart of digital healthcare

In partnership with healthcare professionals we transform cutting-edge knowledge and technologies into solutions that enhance the operation of medical institutions  and enable effective management of data for doctors and patients aiming to improve patient care and safety.

Healthcare informatics for enagaging
and empowering our users for
better outcomes

The expanding development of information communication technologies and solutions, which are rapidly entering healthcare, significantly contributes to the optimization of costs, improved patient experience and less workload for medical staff.

Solution for

Healthcare institutions

We develop comprehensive healthcare information systems, integrate other solutions and medical devices, perform system analyses, create models and develop customized solutions and mobile applications to inspire (elicite, evoke ?) change in clinical and management process. We offer consulting services, education, training and support to our users.

Solution for

Healthcare personnel

For over 30 years we have been developing the patient electronic medical record and specialized decision-support applications, enabling interoperability and fast and secure data access, virtual treatment, digitizing work processes and clinical pathways, and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

Solution for


With the new generation of web and mobile applications we put the patient at the center – we enable secure communication with the clinic, doctor, video treatment and document exchange, appointment scheduling, prescriptions, patient records.

Products for healthcare support


DMS and eStorage in healthcare. Clear, efficient, safe. A comprehensive solution and approach to paperless business.


It provides automatic check-in and a pleasant experience for patients, allowing them to return to the waiting room only when it is their turn to be admitted.

Web and mobile apps for patient-physician communication, secure medical document exchange, video consultations, presciptions, referral requests, …


A comprehensive hospital information system that covers all processes in the hospital.


Effortless for the patient. Better control over drug dispensing. Simpler work in pharmacies.

Emergency center

IT solution that was designed in cooperation with doctors, healthcare and administrative staff.


An information system for basic healthcare that facilitates work processes and simplifies patient treatment.


Simplify and streamline lab workflows, diagnostic device integration, interoperability.

eMBL - Mediskop

Mobile apps for mass testing, vaccination, lab test requests and lab results exchange.


Immediate and accurate data entry and viewing directly at the patient's bedside.


A comprehensive solution with high-level integration enables data exchange with PACS via the HL7 protocol in both directions.

Therapist 360

Complete IT system for monitoring patient's progress during physiotherapy.


Comprehensive MBX solution provides transparent insight into the results of microbiology laboratories on your work computer or online wherever you are.

Experts for process in
healthcare institutions

We are experts for work processes in healthcare and we strive to simplify the work of healthcare professionals by using our information solutions, while at the same time making it easier for patients to communicate with doctors with user-friendly solutions.

We also enable effective operation of medical institutions with the presence of our assistants on site. We help our users with solving problems and ensure smooth processes in clinics.

We cover

Nursing homes
Private clinics
Public health centers
Microbiological Laboratories

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