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Boost the performance of your team with HR and payroll service OPLA

Human resources (HR)

An advanced HR system for the recruitment, training, management and assessment of human resources. This also includes a comprehensive payroll service.

TALENTS & TEAMS are the pillars of our business success. Use our cloud app to monitor, direct and promote the growth and development of your employees, and we can assist you with your payroll system.

You get an advanced and very flexible HR system, i.e. Fledgeworks. It automates the administrative procedures of the HR department, supports your remuneration system, your competency model and your organisational structure. It also assists you with your management by objectives approach and in the career development of your personnel, facilitates 360-degree feedback, clocking records, the planning of absence and everything else you expect from an HR system.

Payment follows solid work performance. Our OPLA service has been providing simple and cost-efficient payroll services for a number of companies in Slovenia for over 25 years now. This service is always performed on time, taking account of your rewarding system in the process we provide the payroll service for almost all industry sectors, and always ensure that your payroll system complies with regulations.

How does it work?

Cloud solutions

The only thing you require to access our HR system is a web browser. Work from home or fieldwork is supported the same as work from company premises. Secure and simple.


HR Fledgeworks and the payroll system is tailored to your company’s organisational structure, procedures and rewarding system. Advanced collection of REST APIs is available for integration with the other systems that you use.


Self-service elements of the HR system are designed so that they can be used by employees and senior management immediately. No additional training.

Your people - your success

Greater satisfaction of employees and better business results via an advanced HR system.

We calculate your wages (payroll)

Our service is comprehensive, affordable, legally compliant and highly professional.

Test our HR system now!

No obligations and no collection of contact details. Simple and immediate use.


Convert gross to net or vice versa!

Test our free basic payroll service. We can also perform the service for students, copyright work and work contracts, and even for temporary work.

Want a presentation?

Write to us and we will gladly oblige.


Obvestilo o ponovni dostopnosti storitev

Vse uporabnike storitev v računalniškem oblaku obveščamo, da se vsi sistemi ponovno normalno odzivajo. Po doslej zbranih informacijah je ob izvajanju gradbenih del prišlo do prekinitve linije, na kar je programska oprema za upravljanje z diskovnim poljem odreagirala napačno. S pomočjo proizvajalca diskovnega sistema smo uspeli sanirati problem okrog 11h dopoldne. Zaradi velikega števila strežnikov, ki se nahajajo v računalniškem oblaku je ponovna vzpostavitev v polno funkcionalno stanje trajala okrog 50 minut.

Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke zaradi boljše uporabniške izkušnje. Z uporabo naše spletne strani potrjujete, da se z njihovo uporabo strinjate.