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Business planning and monitoring realisation


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a reliable contemporary web cloud service that is suitable for all. It is used by small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

LET’S STOP COMPLICATING with the protracted development of in-house solutions or exchange of various Excel tables.

SAP SAC is a simple and intelligent service that you can start using immediately. It facilitates business planning, the reservation of funds and the monitoring of realisation/turnover.

The solution is set up in a secure SAP cloud. Forget strenuous and expensive projects to develop your own system. Incorporate all stakeholders in planning and use simulations of various scenarios. Reports are generated automatically, and you are also aided by embedded artificial intelligence (AI).

How does it work?

No complications

Forget about costs associated with running your own information infrastructure. You only need a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access to use SAP SAC.


The system does not only help you plan sales, costs or individual operations. It merges the plans of individual company groups independently and through AI supports a number of simulations.

Smart insights

The Smart insights and Smart discovery functions allow you to link and analyse data. Find hidden differences between the plan and actual figures or trends detected by artificial intelligence itself at a glance.

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For every company

Small, medium-sized and large enterprises use SAP SAC for their own benefit and without any hidden costs.

Damjan Klevišar

Executive Director of SRC d.o.o.

Prior to using SAP SAC, we used a different program for forecasts. It was mostly up-to-date but very impractical for use and hard to follow. We used MS Excel tables for the planning itself. This meant that forecasts were not interconnected, each of them having their own template, and errors occurred due to incorrect duplication.

SAP SAC provides a significantly better solution. Each of the program managers enters their program plans, which are then upgraded, amended and ultimately approved at the division level. In addition to planning revenue, we can also plan costs by item (wages – payroll, other costs, subcontractors, etc.) very precisely. SAP SAC is a lot clearer and easy to use. Plans can be entered by customer and can also be monitored throughout the year.

I use SAP SAC daily. I monitor forecasts and compare them to the plan. I control costs and change specific items as required. I report forecasts on a weekly basis directly from the SAP SAC system. Information about how my business is doing on an annual basis, how much I need to achieve a specific plan and many other helpful data is available to me at any time.

Nemanja Malbašić

Member of the Management Board of SRC d.o.o.

By using SAP SAC we saved most in the time earmarked for planning, which used to take weeks now only takes a few days.

Through simple and quick insertion of financial plans, we determine quickly which program is lagging behind and how much is needed to achieve the financial plan.

The same applies to the highest level of management, where the president of the management board regularly monitors the financial position of the entire SRC Group, i.e. for three separate companies and four business divisions.

With SAP SAC we completely eliminated the errors in planning, as we no longer have separate Excel tables, but a single corporate identity and overview of all plans that we monitor and update on a regular basis, and of the monthly reports that we compile.

We also saved on licences, as now all are kept in a single system.

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