Security Operations Centre

The SRC SOC monitors and analyses security events, detect incidents and eliminates them through quick and planned action.

level of information and cyber security

The vulnerability of information systems has long been seen as a threat that certainly exists, but its scope has often been underestimated. However, recently it is becoming clear how attacks on devices connected to the network have become commonplace. Regardless of the activity pursued by companies or individuals, it has become a potential and actual target of these attacks. It is no longer a question of whether we are going to be attacked, as this is already happening. It is more about when an attack is detected and how we will respond to it. SRC SOC services are our solution.

SRC SOC comprises a security information center that operates on behalf of the service provider. It represents a hub to which information flows about status, security threats and attacks that put the information infrastructure of our clients at risk. Our team of experts stores, analyses this information and orchestrates potential responses that are required. The services that we provide for our clients at our security information center in the scope of the SRC SOC brand are more or less categorized as follows:

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