Cut down on the costs of information infrastructure and services.



Business Cloud

Welcome to the sunny side of the cloud.

Save money on investments, energy, and staff.


You buy state-of-the-art servers which will rarely be fully utilized. By using servers in our secure business cloud, this processing power is evenly distributed and therefore cheaper. Energy costs are likewise reduced. Leave the control, maintenance, and upgrading of your information infrastructure to us. By securing a backup location, you no longer need to duplicate your infrastructure, which is usually merely available and not operational. You invest in the best staff for your basic business operations and leave the information infrastructure entirely to us..

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Lower Costs

Reducing the costs of wage accounting

Save money with our payroll accounting or database management services


Is your payroll accounting generating costs that exceed EUR 5 per employee? Give us a call and discuss possibilities for implementing a full service with help from our top team that can take over the full payroll accounting service – OPLA.

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Are you using Oracle database infrastructure and are worried about license costs, maintenance, security, and optimization? Our highly-qualified team can advise you on optimizing license costs or can take over full management of your Oracle.

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Cloud Business Information Infrastructure

Are you searching for the right solutions for reducing business costs? Leasing a business cloud or outsourcing services are good ways to do that. Do what you do best, and leave the information infrastructure and all related services to us.


You are probably already familiar with the advantages of moving the key business information infrastructure to the cloud. Perhaps you are looking for more than just CPU power and disk space? In addition to a secure cloud service, our company provides experts who will advise you, optimize your license costs, and make sure that your cloud solutions are fully operational. We provide information security, a backup location, backups, and customization to your specific business needs.


In addition to information infrastructure and ICT project implementation services, our offer contains a few other solutions for optimizing business costs. You are invited to explore the savings in employee education generated by our e-Classroom, created especially for business users. Do not miss our offer of payroll accounting services, where our team of top experts provides a full service and ensures compliance with legislation.

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