Is your information system crammed with data? We will help you centralize and organize databases. We give your data genuine business value.



Data Center

No business can function without safe data storage.

We plan, set up, and equip data centers.

We offer a full service, from the concept to a fully operational data center.


We are constantly being introduced to new devices and new channels for information capture. Thus more and more data is flowing to your systems year after year. The modularity, availability, reliability, and security of your data center are becoming increasingly important for your business. Make use of the services of our top experts to plan, set up or modernize your data center. Of course, we also offer the full service of transitioning to or setting up a cloud data center.

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Business intelligence

Don’t leave your business up to chance. Arm yourself with information.

The foundation for making the right business decisions lies in data, not guesses.

From unstructured volumes of data, business intelligence extracts only the information you need.


BI will provide you with clear, specific, customized answers to your key business questions. From metrics and analyses to the habits and needs of your customers. From real production costs to performance indicators. Business intelligence is based on your data and is the only tool that makes business decisions fully legitimate.

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From Licenses to Technical Support

The decision to use Oracle databases is a wise business decision for every larger organization.

Our team will provide all the services needed for a better database response time, for infrastructure management, and for ensuring data security.


To enterprises using Oracle database infrastructure, we offer a full range of data management services. From planning, implementation, control, optimization of performance and license costs, to providing backup copies, migrations, and information security services. Take a look at our offer and put your trust in experts with vast experience.

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Business Data Is Fuel for the Modern Information Infrastructure

The management and modern design of data warehouses, the extraction of relevant data for making business decisions, and a high database response time are some of the most important elements of modern business systems. We offer reliable and modern data management hardware and software, and comprehensive services from experienced experts.


With the planning and setting up of efficient data centers and accompanying services, we can achieve a number of benefits. The unavailability period of data sources is reduced, the data center energy consumption is improved, and updates and upgrades are faster and easier. For organizations which understand the challenges of digitization, business data is actually a part of their infrastructure. We can reach our destination faster and safer if we travel on modern highways rather than on overgrown cart tracks.


Modern maintenance services for data sources have long since surpassed the mere making of backup copies and recovering them. Today, the entire process begins with the planning of costs and continues with providing the security and efficiency of your data. Compliance with regulatory requirements and providing a full audit trail of access to data are of growing importance. Therefore, allow us to help you; avoid making mistakes and take advantage of the experience of experts who are tackling the most demanding challenges of managing and using increasingly more comprehensive and complex data sources on a daily basis.

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