Business solutions

IP telephony and video conference systems

Information infrastructure to support your business operations.

Various contemporary
infrastructure business solutions

Through the use of IP telephony, upgrade your voice communication services with video and data services. Your solution for video conference communications should ensure complete security and the highest possible level of video and audio quality. Portal solutions improve efficiency and lower costs.

Setting up your new messaging or portal system

Our business messaging system solutions have facilitated the setup of email services for some time now. These services are also available via the internet and integrated with the software from your smart phones. We effectively protect the messaging system against “spam” mail and viruses. Business calendar management is, of course, included in the system. We also provide solutions that focus on portal systems for simpler cooperation within working groups, and more simple and effective shared use of files, both within your organisation as with external business partners.

IP telephony and advanced video conference systems

Our solutions make it possible to also upgrade your local information network into an internal telephone connection platform. An IP telephony central office for the processing of calls and different types of IP telephones, including virtual telephone devices that complement your mobile phones with an internal phone device function. The costs associated with business trips and meeting rooms are simply eliminated with the help of our secure video conference solutions that facilitate the calling of meetings and conferences, the organisation of training and ad-hoc coordination with clients and partners.

Contact centres

We also set up contact centres that enable agents to simultaneously communicate by phone, email or over an internet video connection, and include the automation of responses and different forms of self-service solutions.

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