Information security

Comprehensive security solutions for your system

From messaging system protection to the use of artificial intelligence for cyber security.

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Our information security solutions help you control all the risks that threaten your system.  From the use of next-generation firewalls, VPN, controlled internet access, system access controls and protection of individual devices, to PKI and SIEM solutions.

Verified and effective information system protection

We supply and set up reliable solutions. We protect your messaging system against ‘spam’ messages and malicious code that can be attached to emails. We set up a VPN for safe remote work (telework). You control access to the communication network through the NAC solution, which also ensures that all types of devices undergo the required security upgrades before accessing your system. We protect terminals with malware defence solutions, putting in place conventional or application firewalls, and by introducing SIEM solutions ensuring regulatory compliance.

Advanced solutions for secure and continuous business operations

In addition to the conventional solutions that are used to control access to web content and applications and protect your system against hacking, malicious code and DDoS attacks, we also provide user identity authentication and business continuity solutions. By using PKI solutions and cards, you can simultaneously control physical access and logins (registration) to your network. Our practical experience can help you ensure business continuity. With our AI-based solutions we ensure that your system will already respond to security threats on the basis of uncommon usage patterns.

Backup data centre and recovery plan

We provide a backup data centre in our secure business cloud. If you wish, we can also set up a backup data centre in your own infrastructure. With our systemic, application, developmental and methodological knowledge, all gathered in one place, we also help you create, test and confirm your IT service and IT infrastructure recovery plans.

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