Plan your sales visits in CRM

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Plan your sales visits in CRM
17. 6. 2016 SRC

Why plan your sales visits in Google maps or ViaMichelin if it’s easier to do it in CRM? It’s your one place for everything. Your field sales agents and managers will love it.

Everything about your customers is already there. Aurea CRM is easy and smart to find the quickest and cheapest route in a sales day with data at hand. Timetables can be easily set or altered on the spot by simple drag & drop of particular sales route. Automatic recalculation will do the rest for your sales team in the field.

Even advanced visit planning is easy. Segmentation and smart filtering e.g. by open orders, customer’s ABC classifications, actualized planned visits turned to sales, absences, public holidays along with others can be taken into account when planning optimal routes.

Presented planning of sales trips saves your company time for organizing trips and time spent on the road not to mention reduced travel costs.
Managers can optimize delegating tasks by focusing primarily on sales efficiency. Let CRM do the majority – use your CRM for planning sales visits effectively.


  • A timeline displays planned meetings from your Calendar.
  • Visit suggestions are indicated with an icon in timeline and sidebar.
  • Existing activities and absences are indicated using the same icon as in the Calendar.
  • Reschedule meetings by drag & drop to the desired time in the timeline.
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