QueueMate Attracts Interest at the Berlin conhIT

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QueueMate Attracts Interest at the Berlin conhIT
26. 4. 2017 SRC

This year, the greatest European event in healthcare IT, the Berlin conhIT, once again saw us collaborating with our German partner ClinicAll, which invited us to take part.

ClinicAll is the leading German company in the field of infotainment systems for hospitals. At the fair, SRC Infonet presented the REM electronic temperature sheet, which, combined with the ClinicAll system, offers a unique solution on a global scale, i.e. an innovative terminal that unites entertainment content for patients and healthcare applications for the medical staff.

Since the very first day of the fair, our QueueMate has attracted the attention of many visitors, with several representatives from German and Swiss hospitals expressing an interest in how they could implement this automated patient admission system.