Informatics and regulations are becoming more and more intertwined. Many industries, the financial industry and the state itself have to prove accordance with legislation directives and requirements. You can rely on our help and service in this field.



Industry & Finance

Our services concerning information system management, databases and creation of realistic recovery plans will be of great help to you.

We help you comply your business system with legislation requirements and standards.


Legislation, internal rules and mandatory directives have intensively interfered with management of technological hazards in the last few years. Systems and solutions have to ensure high availability, supervision in realistic time, complete access and change traceability, and the likes. Recovery plans have to be ready, protection of personal data has to be ensured. All this requires changes and upgrades in the fields of infrastructure and business systems. Our services concerning information system management, databases and creation of realistic recovery plans will be of great help to you.

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  • Database management,
  • IS management,
  • recovery.

The State

Simplifying the work of administrative units.

We provide you with numerous products compliant with regulation requirements.

Our expert project teams develop specific solutions for you.


The state regulates numerous processes of its own. For example, it is closely determined how administrative business of administrative body should run and how to handle documentation archives. Administrative procedure is well defined by the law. Even car registration is closely regulated and computer supported with register and an application for organizations dealing with registration. We offer solutions for paper-free business in accordance with the General Administrative Procedure Act. We take on projects concerning register development and solutions on request. For organizations dealing with registration we have an excellent solution – Form.Net.

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  • SPIS,
  • Origami,
  • registries
  • Form.Net
Jurists impose requirements, we find solutions.

Initially, informatics dealt with technology. Today, it deals with norms in legislation, standards and corporation rules. You will deal with the increasing number of restrictions and requirements better and faster with the help of our services, experienced experts, and our verified and certified solutions.


We offer help and consultancy, equipment and solutions in the field of information safety, availability, traceability and recovery plan. We help you create a picture of data ownership, we implement security tests, and we help you prepare internal documentation. Basically, we offer you all solutions concerning GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance).


If you need to do business in accordance with General Administrative Procedure Act we offer appropriate accredited software solutions, consultancy and maintenance. If you’re tired of following the constant change in payroll accounting, you can hire us for the complete service payroll accounting OPLA. ArchSight SIEM is one of the solutions we offer in the field of information safety.

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