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Simplifying the work of administrative units

For over two decades now, we've been programming outstanding ICT solutions for the domestic public sector and governments in the region.



Enostavnejše delo upravnih enot

SRC | Država | Izgubljen dokument? Le spomin na davno preteklost.

Misplaced documents?
A thing of the past.

Providing you employ the SPIS solution, a standardized digital document management suite developed by SRC on the basis of 20 years of experience in public administration procedures. A special version is currently being used by 58 national administrative units and over 5000 government workers. Also at your disposal is an add-on for the scanning and archiving of paper documents.

SRC | Država | SRC je glede znanja in izkušenj neprekosljiv

Speeding up work, from the
smallest municipality to state government.

For over two decades now, we’ve been programming outstanding ICT solutions for the domestic public sector and governments in the region. Our software solutions and services are used by administrative units, municipalities, ministries, agencies and governments in Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and elsewhere. We develop projects abroad in cooperation with the best local partners. If you’re looking for a reliable, honest and experienced contractor, SRC is your perfect choice.

SRC | Država | SRC je glede znanja in izkušenj neprekosljiv

When it comes to knowledge
and experience, SRC is number one.

We are seasoned experts in administrative procedures in line with the General Administrative Procedure Act, e-governance and e-administration. As the authors of the portal eUprava in 2005, we’re proud to have contributed to Slovenia ranking second in the EU in the availability of electronic administration services at the time. In 2009, our portal eVEM was selected as the year’s best global electronic service by the UN headquarters in New York.



Years and countless projects in the business have allowed us to develop outstanding competencies in the following fields:


back-end applications – office management, legislative procedures, records systems for prosecutors and attorney-generals;


e-business G2C – portal e-uprava (e-governance) for electronic public services and electronic payment;


e-business G2B – national online registration and status of private entrepreneurs and companies, all in one place using the eVEM service;


e-business G2G – portal NIO for the exchange and processing of information between institutions and portal ISPO for statistical inquiries and treatment;


registers – register of vehicles and driver’s licenses, electronic land register, central criminal records;


visa issuance system, government session IT support, national budget planning system, system for the electronic sending and receipt of visas, and many more

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