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We plan, implement and manage your IT infrastructure

SRC Smart

We offer five simple packages for all the needs and challenges you face regarding information infrastructure. SMART services help ensure that your information infrastructure is reliable, high-quality, secure and optimally utilized.

Concerning IT infrastructure

with assistance from experts who direct their expertise and experience into ensuring reliability, security and availability. That is one of the most important elements contributing to a company’s successful performance. The challenges tied to this are becoming demanding. Business trends dictate that companies focus on their core mission and leave the responsibility for properly operating their infrastructure to system integrators. Our task is to involve top-qualified experts. Our job focuses on relationships with manufacturers and ensuring our service is available 24/7.

Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience, we have thus developed a series of services that help you plan, build and manage your information infrastructure. Individual services are tailored for different needs and specific features of organizations. These depend on your decision on how you wish to ensure your infrastructure capacities: by building your own infrastructure, as a service from a public cloud, or as a hybrid version of both. Regardless of your decision, we will find a model together that suits you most within our selection of services under the umbrella brand SRC SMART.

Kaj delamo?

Planning and building

SRC Digital provides you all the support you need in the phase of planning and implementing the information infrastructure. In addition to providing services, the SRC Manage package also allows you to lease equipment.

Ensuring operations

You will find the infrastructure management services in the SRC Manage and SRC Operate packages. We are providing automation of management processes in the SRC Orchestrate package.

Responsibility for security

Comprehensive services relating to information security will be found in the SRC Secure package, including the Cloud Managed Security and SOC services.

Why select SRC Smart?

The reasons for using a suitable package of services that best meets your needs in terms of IT infrastructure are pretty simple:

Select the SRC Smart package

The customer is always right. That is why our SMART™ offer is designed for maximum flexibility – you only select the services you need.

  • Capturing your needs, expectations and requirements.
  • With insight into the characteristics and capacities of products from the best equipment manufacturers, we provide expert assistance in selecting technologies, planning and integrating your information infrastructure.
  • Engineering or complete execution of the implementation project.
  • Complete management of your infrastructure by ensuring availability and responsiveness.
  • Equipment (hardware) lease option.
  • Guaranteed software upgrades and patches and the implementation of preventive measures for the prevention of outages/failures.
  • If you need infrastructure on hand, SRC Operate supports your IT department in diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • A guarantee of finding solutions to problems and the supply of spare parts in the contractually-agreed period.
  • Assumption of coordination communication with hardware manufacturers.
  • Automation of processes within the information infrastructure.
  • Integration of partial solutions from hardware manufacturers.
  • A comprehensive and effective service for ensuring that your information system remains secure, i.e., we protect your network, endpoints, and applications.
  • Service includes Cloud Managed Security and SOC.

Reliable and secure IT infrastructure

We provide high-quality, reliable and secure software and hardware, and our tailored SMART services make it possible for this hardware and software to serve your business needs for a long time optimally.

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