Package services for your information infrastructure.

Get to know our Build, Manage, Operate, Repair, SOC and Orchestrate packages. Select the one you require or adapt it to your needs.

Quicker path to your OBJECTIVE via these packages

The digital transformation era brings numerous challenges related to the information infrastructure. The establishment of one’s own private or hybrid cloud can lead to a large, expensive and time-consuming project. That is why we have merged all your infrastructure needs into six simple SRC SMART packages.

Planning, construction and management of infrastructure

Simple and transparent

In these packages you will find services for the development of infrastructure solutions by applying the best state-of-the-art technologies. The broad spectrum of our capabilities, equipment and knowledge is made available to you in the form of SRC comprehensively taking over the management of your information infrastructure. A suitable package that provides support and maintenance can also be found, as well as including a time-based commitment on our part to work relentlessly until the fault is eliminated. The SOC package ensures complete information security and the prevention of incidents. Attractive contemporary solutions include the automation of infrastructure management, and for those seeking an above-standard warranty there is a package that ensures the continuous delivery and installation of replacement (spare) parts.

Package features and content

The SMART packages include everything you need

We plan and supply devices and a secure network. We set up solutions for effective relations between clients and partners. Convergent networks, wireless technologies, orchestration, software control of network architectures and software defined environments all ensure connectivity. Virtualization, micro services, management of application platforms and the assurance of their continuous operation comprise the bases of your application environment. Messaging and collaborative systems and analytics improve your productivity. Security is ensured by the SOC and by the modern solutions for access, cloud business and protection against cyber-attacks. We protect your data and information with a private data center and hybrid cloud.

SRC SMART packages

SRC Build

Expert assistance and engineering when selecting and integrating the relevant technologies. We take care of everything, i.e. from preparation and development to project implementation. By accessing the characteristics and capacities of the products produced by the best global manufacturers we position the right solutions in the right places. Precisely tailored to your requirements and expectations.

SRC Manage

Leave the complete management of your information infrastructure to our experts. We will ensure availability and response in line with your needs. We will supply all upgrades/updates and security patches, and by taking preventive measures will prevent outages/failures. You will no longer have to invest in equipment as you can lease it together with the service.

SRC Operate

Do you need the information structure on hand? SRC Operate complements the competences of your own experts with our team that provides the diagnostics of irregularities and supplies the corrections/patches. In the event of problems, we can immediately address the problem and provide the solution in the contractually agreed period. We deliver the replacement parts and coordinate communication with the manufacturer.

SRC Orchestrate

The automation of infrastructure management has become vital. Certain automation tools are added to almost every modern equipment by the manufacturer, but that only solves the problem in part. Our solution is characterised precisely by integrating the partial solutions of individual manufacturers into a complete unit, thereby enabling the automation of complete processes and not merely individual components of an infrastructure.

SRC Repair

This solution is intended for those clients who only require maintenance on non-critical equipment. In that case the diagnosis of faults remains among the tasks of your own team, while we provide you with the delivery and installation of replacement parts and equipment within the contractually agreed deadlines. This solution is suitable for equipment that it not essential for your business continuity.

SRC Secure

A contemporary and comprehensive service to ensure information system security. Security threats spread across the entire infrastructure, thus requiring SRC Secure to effectively and simultaneously protect your network, endpoints and applications. Given that today business data and information can be stored anywhere, Cloud Managed Security and the SOC are important elements of the service for the handling and prevention of security incidents.


SOC is the abbreviation for Security Operations Center. Our solution enables the monitoring and analysis of all security incidents in your hardware and software. The service is performed by top information security experts and is carried out in real time. In addition to preventing incidents the team also carries out security pack updates and issues recommendations to ensure your system receives maximum protection.

The right team, right equipment and right solutions

Solutions that are way more than just infrastructure equipment

All our solutions include people. Experts with a wealth of experience. They include someone that you can call, request an opinion from or ask for assistance. People give meaning to your infrastructure, so ensure you cooperate with the best.

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