SRC’s Lecture at the NT Conference

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SRC’s Lecture at the NT Conference
15. 5. 2017 SRC

SRC participated as a partner at the NT Conference held in Portorož. We introduced our company through two expert lectures that took place on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 12.15–13.00, the Europa D Hall

Marjan Kaligaro: The Decision is Yours (Slov. Odločitev je vaša)

Are you tired of IT solutions that waste your time rather than support your decisions? Is your path to true digitisation of operations hindered by rigid legislation or a business system that was designed and created in the previous millennium? These are the basic problems SRC had to face as well. Then we created Next. It is a platform that focuses solely on the user. It connects various sources of information into one single web interface, providing you with key business indicators and trends in one place, along with a generic search engine for content located in any of your back-end systems, with selected documents, invoices, and contracts you are truly interested in and where you are truly involved in the process. Meet Next, a platform custom-made for you.

Wednesday, 14.30–15.30, the Mediteranea 2 Hall

Ivan Kovač, Rok Rogelj: OMS: How a Cloud Can Help You Control Your ICT System (Slov. OMS: Kako vam lahko oblak pomaga pri nadzoru vašega IKT sistema)

The lecture provided insight into the Microsoft Operations Manager Suite tool and explained how it can be used to improve the management of a company’s ICT system. We took a look at how OMS enables you to control and manage the entire ICT system, including the completely non-MS systems (Oracle, Cisco, open source). A special focus was put on security, in relation to which OMS can serve as an excellent supplement to the existing SIEM and anti-virus systems. The lecture’s highlights also included a live demonstration of functionalities.