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Smart People. Smart Solutions.

Creating a digital future.

Digitalising and automating your business processes. Combining equipment and systems. Developing new solutions. We supply, set up and maintain solutions.

Experience, knowledge, equipment and perseverance.

We take you further. We understand technology and business.

#WeAreSRC 😄

For the past 30 years of our existence we have practically done it all, integrating hundreds of solutions and maintaining many of our own and other solutions, including information systems. We are well familiar with business content. We supply, integrate, produce, advise on, adapt and maintain solutions. We believe in fair prices and a professional attitude, respecting all customers and always seeking optimal solutions.


We protect your IT environment against attacks and abuse.

SRC Secure

Through our vast experience and technology, we provide a quick and effective response to cyber threats. 

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

SRC SOC monitors and analyses security events, detect incidents and eliminates them through quick and planned action.

Cloud archiving

We provide an accredited, secure solution for the legally compliant storage of materials in digital form.

Software solutions

Business process solutions

Payroll and HR system

We offer a comprehensive, flexible and discreet payroll service – OPLA. Our advanced Fledge HR system supports human resource formalities and a strategic role.

Support for banking operations

Advanced solutions for banks and insurers. Digital identity, risk assessment automation, digital lending process, e-storage.

SAC business planning

Through AI assistance, you simply compare versions of your annual and other business plans. SAP SAC provides you with plans and business reports in one place.


Fully integrated hospital information systems and smart IT solutions for comprehensive support of processes in healthcare, business analytics and secure communication with the patient.


Transparency and advanced medical data analytics, digital clinical pathways, and integrations with healthcare devices optimize work processes and improve hospital treatment outcomes.


A network of interconnected solutions for clinics, automatic data capture, paperless business operations for better results of treatment, less workload for medical staff and greater patient satisfaction.


Mobile applications for clinics: automated ordering of analyses, vaccinations, patient notification, dictation of results, nursing care management, connectable to other systems.


Reliable and secure solutions for your information infrastructure.

SRC Smart

We plan, build (SRC Build), and manage/operate (SRC Operate/Manage) your information infrastructure.


We equip systems with hardware and system software. We build private clouds or offer our infrastructure resources.

Application platforms

We are developing and introducing automation and orchestration, thus incorporating the DevOps culture in companies.

Our partners

We collaborate with the best.

Your business can only be based on reliable information equipment. We therefore provide you with hardware and software produced by the top manufacturers, i.e. HP, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, Vmware, Zoom, Trend Micro, etc. Establishing partnerships at competitive prices.

We collaborate with partners and combine expertise.

When carrying out the most complex projects we ensure the client receives the highest quality and applicability through integration and collaboration.

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Our customers

What our customers say about us

Career at SRC

We have always expressed interest in collaborating with very innovative, initiative-driven and determined people. Introduce yourself, share your ideas, experiences, proposals and wishes with us.

Innovation through cooperation

Bankart empowers Slovenian banks to open to a much larger world

by Josh Young (5 min read)

You want state-of-the-art IT equipment and the best software solutions for your business?


Obvestilo o ponovni dostopnosti storitev

Vse uporabnike storitev v računalniškem oblaku obveščamo, da se vsi sistemi ponovno normalno odzivajo. Po doslej zbranih informacijah je ob izvajanju gradbenih del prišlo do prekinitve linije, na kar je programska oprema za upravljanje z diskovnim poljem odreagirala napačno. S pomočjo proizvajalca diskovnega sistema smo uspeli sanirati problem okrog 11h dopoldne. Zaradi velikega števila strežnikov, ki se nahajajo v računalniškem oblaku je ponovna vzpostavitev v polno funkcionalno stanje trajala okrog 50 minut.

Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke zaradi boljše uporabniške izkušnje. Z uporabo naše spletne strani potrjujete, da se z njihovo uporabo strinjate.